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What our clients say

Andrew Gerding

"If you want to really impress your clients with a beautiful, thoughtful, and organized plan then, I highly recommend Seas of Green design services.  They have always exceeded my expectations when it comes to their design aesthetic. 

I will give them some very basic information and in return I receive an amazing drawing to show off to my clientele. 

The promptness and efficiency with which they get both original designs and revisions back to me makes me look great in my clients eyes. 

I can't tell you enough how pleasant all of my experiences have been with the Seas of Green Team.  I have never been disappointed by their work and neither will you.  10 out of 10! "
Landscape design plan

Cynthia Burns

"Y’all are rocking and rolling for me! ...

The designs are captivating! 
Thank you! 

I greatly appreciate your work and am thrilled that we have this working relationship.

I feel like this has freed up time for me to be available for many other aspects of projects and the company, so am really thankful that this is working out so well."

Mark Brotton 

I highly recommend Seas of Green for any landscape design project."

“You have the fastest turn around for my plans in the life of Living Water of 18 years.

Your responsiveness is seriously blowing me away! I’ve teamed with 9 different designers/drafters, Seas of Green outshines all of them by far.

Thank you again for being exactly the firm I’ve been praying for!!!"

Jeffery Riddle

"Having worked with you and your team for a while now I want you to know that I am continually impressed with your professionalism and expertise.

The team is on time and accurate in their drawings, which helps us to sell & build projects quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, the designs they produce are simply beautiful.

Perhaps most importantly, you and the members of the team are good, honest people, which makes working with you a pleasure."
Image by Greg Rosenke

Hayden Davenport

I can't express what a help you and your team are to our business.

Not only are your drawings far better than anything I could produce, but the amount of time we save by working with Seas of Green is a big factor in why Alterra is as successful as we have been.

Being able to send you a simple sketch and get back a beautiful drawing is a huge asset to us.

Thank you for all you do!
Image by Tristan Ramberg

Matt Hudson

"No more spending hours on CAD, I now get to focus on the client, the project and the fun stuff.
They are responsive, talented and very professional.

What I save in time is worth every penny, and they are very well priced.

Give them a shot and you will not be disappointed.  Thanks Seas of Green!​"

August Bateman

“Your turn-around time has been great, and I like the colored drawings....

Your service has been spectacular. I have nothing but applause for your service. Very responsive, professional and personable.”

Jesse Savage

"You guys are making a huge difference!!

I couldn't keep up with this on my own and I find I am more creative when someone else is doing the Cad work ;)"

Michelle Seddon

"You are brilliant! I never would have coped without you.
What you produce in a day would have taken me a month, I just could not have managed in times like this.  

Please accept a big thank you to both you and your team, your work, attention to detail and understanding of what is vaguely in my head is hugely appreciated."
SOG-6464-OLE-DEANE RES-3D-R1_005.jpg

Darren Gruner

I've been a client of yours for a long time and absolutely love Lizelle and the gang.

Your services have helped me grow and perform so much better for my clients.

I have referred you to some amazing friends around the country...

Charles Sadler

“Beautiful work on the project, you and and your team do superb work.

You just keep getting more amazing. Please pass on my gratitude to your team. Thank You.”

Cynthia Burns

"First let me share with you my gratitude that even when I feel like we are running close to a deadline and "am I crazy to rely on someone else to come through?"…you do.  
And I have come to depend on and trust that you are on my team and wouldn't let me down…so thank you for that.  
That's' BIG!"
Image by Val Van Sittert

Marta Evensen

"You did a fantastic on this design.  There was no need for corrections on your side.
You thoroughly reviewed my material and entered the date in a quick and efficient manner as the final bill was kept to a minimum as I requested. Great Job."
Image by Bradley Pisney

Teboho Lentsa

Thank you so much!

You and your Team continue to shine bright!!!

Our continued success would not be a reality without SOG

Kristan Browne


Somehow you're able to take all my random notes and ideas and create a cohesive image. Thanks!"


"Thanks for all your hard work. 

Your team is an incredible resource and our clients are loving the designs."

Matt Hudson

"Oh by the way we enjoyed the liquor you sent us during our hurricane party recently .

Very good stuff. Thanks!"

Katherine M. Sadler

"Thank you so much for the fantastic work"

Annissa Johnson

"The clients were blown away by the 3Ds. Thank you again for doing that for me."

Adam Steele

"You guys always do a beautiful job! Thank you. Will pass onto client directly."
Landscape design plan
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