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Thank you!

The last few weeks at Seas of Green has been very exciting.

We are proud to announce that we have acquired additional office space that will enable us to double our capacity.

For all our existing clients, don’t fret, we’re still the same folks from Africa helping you create beautiful landscape designs & drawings. 😊

When Paul started Seas of Green 10 years ago, he was confident that there is an alternative approach to the landscape design industry. Today our growing team of 16 confirms his vision. We have managed to build a global footprint transcending the difficult economic situation in South Africa.

Our success is the sum of many parts: our incredible and committed team, loyal clients who gave us a chance, our supportive families and some very hard work.

It is through the experience of the ups & downs that one understands the value and importance of protecting our vision. Which we have fiercely done.

To be able to create career opportunities for young professionals in our country is a tremendous achievement that we're very proud of.

As we are heading into the second term of 2019 on the highest high – thank you to everyone who has been a part of our journey, we could not have done this without you!

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