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How to bridge the small office/large project gap.

All of us who have started their own business want to start with a bang. Dreaming of inspiring, paradigm-shifting projects that will define the landscapes of our future. We then get the chance to pitch for one of these sought after projects only to realize that we have no way of actually producing the amount of work required with the limited resources available to a small/start-up company.

At Seas of Green, the main aim of our business is to provide the support needed to realize these dreams without having to bare the financial and social stresses of hiring employees or joining a partnership. We work quietly and relentless in the background to ensure that you meet your project deliverable on time and with the desired quality. No one even needs to be aware of your secret back-up muscle.

We typically render services for landscapers, landscape contractors, landscape architects, architects,landscape designers, design-build teams or other professionals.We provide our services to anyone, irrespective of your geographic location. Modern technology has made this quite easy. We engage with our clients over Skype, phone & email.

All we need is the architectural and engineering drawings, some site photos and preferred plant list with detailed instructions from you, our client, then we are set to go. We deliver the end products in JPG, PDF, and Excel formats digitally. Dropbox folders are shared with each of our clients where you'd be able to access and print your material from anywhere. You will receive a text message notification when material has been uploaded to your Dropbox folder.

Any information that you or your company submit to Seas of Green is deemed confidential. We utilize this information purely for the purpose of preparing all designs, drawings, graphics and documentation as required by yourselves. Depending on the type and size of your project, we will either charge professional fees at a percentage of the landscape installation cost, or we charge per hour.When charging per hour, we have 2 hourly rates, one for basic services (e.g drafting, measuring, plant palettes and the like), and another rate for advanced services (e.g design, bills of quantities, presentations and the like).

We accept 23 major currencies including Euro, US $, AU $ and GB £. South African payments can be made in South African Rand. We accept PayPal, all major cards as well as direct wire transfer via the SWIFT system.

We strive to build a personal relationship with every client. I can be contacted directly at or +1-954-837-6309.

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