About us

When Paul started Seas of Green in 2009, he was confident that there's an alternative approach to the typical way landscape design & drawing companies operate & the CAD techniques they employ. Today our growing team of landscape design professionals confirms his vision.

Since then we have grown to be trusted by many landscape architects, landscape designers, contractors & design-build firms to provide them with world class landscape & hardscape design and drafting services on an on-going basis.


Our clients land more projects than their competition and have more time available to concentrate on keeping their clients happy, managing their projects and focusing on growing their business.  


Unlike most outsourced solutions, we specialize in exterior design & drafting. We have completed over 4500 diverse landscape & hardscape projects throughout the United States. We're 100% fluent in English too. 


With fast turnaround times and top quality work as our core philosophies, we pride ourselves in building long term relationships with our clients and have been doing so since we started more than 10 years ago. 


We are your exterior Design and Drafting partner. 

The team